Over the weekend Kanye West deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. While the YEEZY designer has done this in the past on numerous occasions, a source has reportedly told PEOPLE the reason behind Ye’s social media blackout.

According to the unnamed source, “Kanye got to the point where he realized his rants were becoming unhealthy. That’s why he deleted his account.”

West has previously revealed he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and more recently admitted to being off his medication in the aftermath of his eyebrow-raising, off-air, pro-Trump rant on Saturday Night Live.

Following the rant, SNL cast member Pete Davidson responded by saying, “Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass.”

The source continued, claiming “When he gets into these Twitter rants, it’s very difficult for him to stop. It’s like an obsession and it actually affects his life. He knows it’s not healthy, so he wants to take things down a notch.”

According to the source, it was Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian who urged him to delete his social media accounts for the sake of his family: “Kim agreed it was time for him to take a social media break. She just wants him to focus on his family for a bit now,” the source reportedly said. “He can also focus better on his music and being creative when he avoids social media.”

For more, check out PEOPLE’s article here.

In other news, Kanye West is expected to meet Donald Trump at the White House. Find out more about that here.

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