Xbox Series X

We’ve finally got a look at the new logo for Microsoft‘s upcoming Xbox Series X thanks to a leaked trademark application — and according to Twitter, it knocks the PS5 logo out of the park.

Users on Reddit first noticed the leaked image of the new logo in a trademark application, which was filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office earlier this month. The new monochromatic logo shows the word “Series” vertically across a stylized X. Although it’s not official, this might be the logo that we’ll see on the packaging or other marketing materials for the upcoming console.

Much like the console itself, the redesigned logo is a drastic departure from the previous Xbox series. The new logo has been making the rounds on Twitter to mostly positive reactions, with many people taking this as an opportunity to trash Playstation 5’s rebranding. Take a look at some of the best responses below.

Xbox came through with this one

Take notes PlayStation

Of course there were haters as well