A third suspect has been arrested in connection with the killing of South Florida rapper XXXTentacion, the Miami Herald reports.

Robert Allen — otherwise known as "Big Rob" or "Fat Boy" — who had been named a person of interest in the case before being indicted on first-degree murder charges last week along with three other men, was arrested by the US Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force on Wednesday and has now been booked into Dodge County jail. XXXTentacion was robbed and shot to death at Deerfield Beach’s Riva Motorsports parking lot on June 18.

Deputy US Marshal John Edgar told the Miami Herald, "[The task force] got some information he was up in Eastman, possibly staying with his sister.” According to the report, Allen was found and arrested at the sister's house.

While Allen was not identified as one of the two gunmen who jumped out of an SUV and blocked XXXTentacion's escape in what became a fatal robbery, CCTV and witnesses placed Allen inside the vehicle at the time of the killing and present when the vehicle was rented on June 17.

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