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We live in a world of runway memes, crowned by last season's internet-breaking Balenciaga Crocs, and nothing really surprises the fashion industry anymore. In an industry that's trying to out-stunt itself each season, there's very few frontiers remaining in the quest to obliterate notions of good and bad taste.

So I guess it's hardly surprising that Y/Project, one of Paris's most talked-about labels, would put an UGG's collaboration on the runway for its FW18 show in the French capital. Glen Martens' brand isn't the first to do it — Jeremy Scott debuted some flame-covered UGG's at the tail end of 2017 — but his, with their mile-high silhouette, are far and away the silliest.

"You put an UGG on and it's like putting your foot in warm butter, so why not put the whole leg in there?," Martens dryly noted backstage. "I'm very sorry for the animals but they're comfortable." Martens talked about how Y/Project is all about giving individuality and adaptability to the wearer, and that meant his UGG boots were worn in multiple ways. Some appeared as thigh-high boots, while others had been cuffed not one, but three times.

They were worn alongside warped trench coats, track jackets and double denim, none of which appeared even vaguely regular; Y/Project shows are a carnival of experimentation. Martens creates insane experiments, like jackets with extra arms and double-waisted trousers, that, when styled together, make viewers feel like they're looking into a fairground mirror or under the influence of hallucinogens rather than just sitting at a boring-old fashion show.

Having said that, Y/Project is all the rage in Paris right now. It's got the same buzz to it that Vetements had back in the day — hardcore fashionistas can't get enough of their insane contraptions — and so if anyone can give UGG boots a bit of street cred, it's Y/Project.

"It's like some kind of celebration of love-making," Martens summed up backstage. "You don't know where the first piece starts and where the second pieces ends."

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