Retro gaming consoles are still making a huge comeback, as Nintendo, Sony and Sega have announced the return of its classic gaming consoles with the NES, PlayStation Classic and Sega Genesis Mini respectively.

To further fuel the retro gaming hype, designer and craftsman Love Hultén presents his latest design with Yesterday Vision, a hardwood monitor enclosure concept with built-in gaming features. Handmade from Mahogany, the structure houses a 19" 4:3 monitor, that is equipped with a custom screen configuration to mimic the curvature of an old CRT monitor.

The aesthetic truly provides that vintage gaming feel, as the incorporation of a built-in Raspberry Pi computer allows classic gaming systems including SNES, NES, Genesis, NeoGeo, MAME, Atari 2600, N64 and PSX to be emulated.

In addition, the special 1280x1024 monitor boasts full-range loudspeakers and features an HDMI connection for external devices such as a laptop, modern gaming consoles and more. It can also connect up to four different controllers via Bluetooth, however, if you're aiming to maintain the full retro experience, a set of two wireless hardwood arcade controllers may be custom ordered. Additionally, the monitor can also be customized for different sizes.

Yesterday Vision retails for $2,799. For more details and availability, head over to Love Hultén's website now.

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