Over the weekend, Chicago producer Young Chop took to social media to diss 21 Savage, Meek Mill, and many others. Chop's rant may seem to have come out of nowhere, but it actually wasn't the first time the producer went after Meek or Savage. Find out how it unfolded below.

Young Chop disses Meek Mill & 21 Savage on Gillie Da Kid's Live

Last Tuesday, Chop joined Gillie Da Kid's IG Live and called Meek "scary." According to Chop, he was supposed to make a song with Meek and Polo G, but the collab never materialized. Once Chop pulled up to Meek and Savage's studio session, however, the two left the building. "Niggas ain't living like that," Chop told Da Kid. "We pulled up to their session. Niggas be scared. They had the Bentley trucks outside and just ran off."

Later, Chop double-down on his Meek comments. "That boy really scary like that. He talks that on the records, though." He seemed to go after Lil Wayne, too. "Same with Cassidy. And Wayne." Watch below.

The next day, Meek got wind of Chop's IG Live comments and took to Twitter to respond.

Chop takes the beef to Instagram

Over the weekend, Chop took to his own social media to go after Meek. On Instagram, he shared a video of an unknown comedian roasting Meek, comparing him to a catfish and Cleo from Set It Off.

Then, Chop took to Twitter to diss the Philly rapper, implying that he and Meek dated the same woman.

That's not all for Young Chop's social media rants, however. Once again, the producer went after 21 Savage. "I state facts. Yeah, I'm saying niggas' names. Yeah, 21, all y'all niggas some bitches," he said on IG Live. "And I'm in Atlanta. And 21, we live in the same area. Tell the people that. We live in the same fucking area. We go to the same Walmart, nigga."

He didn't hold back and continued to diss Savage. "The reason you don't walk around with no jewelry. Let them know that. With yo' bitch ass. You a bitch. And I walk around with all my jewelry on. And my shit real. Fuck wrong with you?" Listen below.

Chop also dropped a diss track aimed at Savage last night. Shared on YouTube, the song is titled "when young chop come in the studio," a reference to the episode Chop discussed on Gillie Da King's Live.

The song is accompanied by a meme of Savage looking up after someone seemingly walks in. Listen below.

21 Savage responds

The Atlanta rapper didn't take long to respond to Chop's diss. Taking to Instagram stories, Savage shared Chop's diss song along with a crying laughing emoji, and showed off his extensive watch collection. He also shared a picture of Chop, along with the caption: "Make sure y'all go get his tape when it drop cuz he need da clout and pray for him cuz he done lost his mind."

The two seemingly went at it via Instagram DM, too. Chop shared a screenshot of their exchange, where the two traded fired up messages.

Savage then took to IG Live to share a few uplifting words. "Y'all pray for Young Chop. He's having a mental breakdown, for real. It's fucked up. I hate to see my young black kings acting like that. We gotta start uplifting people when they're acting crazy and shit. Y'all gotta show him that he's loved out here. I don't love him, but I'm sure that some of you love him."

Young Chop calls out everybody

Meek Mill and 21 Savage weren't the only rappers Chop went after. Last night, the producer took to Instagram to diss JAY-Z, Diddy, TI, and Jeezy. The only rappers he showed loved to were 50 Cent and the late Pimp C. Check it below.

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