The distinction between beach towels and bath towels is generally the length, thickness, and lack of stupid drawings on the latter. The importance of their separation is really illustrated if you’ve ever used a bath towel on the beach, then unknowingly used it at a later date post-shower; the lingering sand particles clinging to your wet skin. It’s my worst nightmare. Avoid this by getting yourself a good, solid beach towel. We’ve scoured the internet for 10 of the best, and none of them with stupid drawings.


Saturdays Surf NYC Sans Type Sack Towel

Saturdays Surf NYC specialize in laid-back surfwear, so it’s a sensible progression for them to include a beach towel in their collection. This one’s 100% soft cotton with a bold typography print so you’ll still recognize it from a distance on the beach. Buy it from End Clothing.


Paul Smith Towel

If you’re looking for plush, this Paul Smith towel is the one for you. Ain’t nothing chicer than black in the heat, if you can handle it. You can purchase this one from MR PORTER.


Damien Hirst Soul Love Towel

Take a Damien Hirst to the beach with you with this replica of his ‘Soul Love’ artwork. It’s big enough for two, which is good to know if you like to stretch out on your beach towel. You can buy one here, where they also have art-towels from the likes of Jasper Johns and Barbara Kruger.


Ralph Lauren Striped Beach Towel

We’re digging the nautical vibes of this Ralph Lauren beach towel. It’s crafted from plush cotton, and it’s got the Ralph Lauren signature embroidered at one corner. Buy it directly from the source.


Lightning Bolt Towel

Born in Hawaii in the ’70s, the Lightning Bolt brand has surfing in its blood. The loudest one out of all in this buyer’s guide, you’ll definitely be able to spot your towel in a crowded beach with this one. Get hold of one from colette.


Nine Space for J.Crew

This Turkish cotton beach towel features woven cotton on one side and terry on the other – so you can have one side for your body and one side for the beach, eliminating the risk of sand rubbing all up on you. Buy it here.


Pendleton Coyoacan Towel

Pendleton – the maker of some of the best and boldest Navajo-style prints – have branched out into the towel trade, and it was a strong move. Get yourself one of these towels before they go from Urban Outfitters.


Diesel Helery Hawaii Towel

Enjoy this Diesel beach towel with a Hawaii floral print to get you in the tropical mood, even if you aren’t anywhere near the tropics. Purchase one from Menlook.


Carhartt Superduck Towel

Carhartt have managed to make an all-over print still relatively subtle with this superduck imagery. The stitching means the contrast colors are in reverse on the other side, which means you basically get two towels for the price of one. Buy it now here.

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