In this edition of Friday Feuds, a hip-hop collective falls apart, a rapper and a baseball player head to court over underwear, and much more.

50 Cent vs. Derek Jeter

When Swedish underwear company Frigo signed a three-year contract with Derek Jeter, they expected the star baseball player to see the three years out. However, when company heads brought rapper 50 Cent on board as a brand ambassador, Jeter quit. Many outlets reported that the player felt 50 was “too urban,” thereby reducing the value of the brand.

As of now, Frigo has filed a 4.7 million dollar lawsuit agains Jeter. The player recently counter-filed.

Tyler, The Creator vs. Hodgy Beats

Odd Future has been a notoriously close rap collective despite recent reports they’d split up, so, understandably, many were surprised to see member Hodgy Beats unload some ether in Tyler, The Creator’s direction.

The problem allegedly started at Tyler’s yearly Camp Flog Gnaw concert, where the artist reportedly heard Hodgy talking about him from off stage. Though he said no names, Tyler responded, which you can see in the video above. Hodgy then seemed to take the issue to Twitter. Either way, it’s being reported the two have already put the beef behind them.

Drake vs. Future

ATL rapper Future and October’s Very Own Canadian seemed to be riding high off of the wave of their widely celebrated mixtape What A Time To Be Alive, except for now Future is claiming it never happened.

One might think the rapper was simply playing it up and being flippant for an interview, except for the rather enigmatic tweet he posted shortly after thereafter.

Shots fired? We’ll just have to wait and see…

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather vs. Ronda Rousey

#DemiLovato taking shots at #FloydMayweather ?? #50cent

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Ronda Rousey’s unexpected defeat by knockout at the hands of Holly Holm has been a hot topic conversation all week, and there were a few people she’d previously exchanged verbal jabs with that couldn’t wait to kick the notoriously confident fighter while she was down…Namely Floyd Mayweather, who Rousey has had some choice words for in the past.

He didn’t act alone either, Mayweather brought 50 Cent, rap’s heavyweight of shit-talking in on the fun.

It's never too early for #50Cent ?? #RondaRousey #Pacquiao

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Frank Ocean vs. Donald Trump

#FrankOcean goes off on #DonaldTrump after Trump blamed the #Paris attacks on the lack of guns. #ClapBackSeason

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Following presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments regarding the tragic Paris terrorist attacks, singer Frank Ocean made it known he took issue with the business magnate’s point of view, and Ocean took to the internet to let him know exactly why…

Snoop Dogg and Jay Electronica vs. Billboard

Billboard recently released its list of the 10 greatest rappers of all time, and a few OGs of the game soon let the magazine know they felt they’d got it all wrong. While Snoop maintained the list was disrespectful, Jay Electronica upped the shade by providing Twitter with photos of the two writers who compiled the list.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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