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From the start, Story‘s point of view has always revolved around slow-made clothing that champions quality over quantity. This season the same principles apply, except the brand has also taken inspiration from exploration and adventure.

The collection, called “Tulpa Trek”, considers the lifestyles of wanderlusters, ramblers, and rolling stones, and creates a comfortable unisex collection, that, while contemporary and playful, still transitions between places and times with ease.

As always, Story’s specialness shines through in its consideration of materials. Ikat weave techniques are repurposed to reference rainy UK days while the use of natural indigo paint and denim-scorching techniques also creates a rain drop effect on many of the garments.

Story’s designers additionally took the time to experiment with new dye techniques utilizing substances ranging from soy to whiskey, and fermented grains. Sometimes slow-made wins the race.

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