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If you’re looking at the prices of the iPhone 7 and wondering whether you’d be better off picking up an older model instead, you might want to think again. Apple’s first generation iPhone, the 2G, is now up for sale on eBay for anything between $1,000 and $8,500.


This, at first glance, may not seem so surprising — lots of things gain in value over time like toys, art and classic cars. But the interesting thing here is that unlike most pieces of outdated tech which gradually get less desirable and expensive over time, the original iPhone has skyrocketed in price. As The Daily Dot points out, the iPhone 2G is now more expensive than ever before and it’s not even 10 years old yet.


Luckily for people who might have one lying around at home in a drawer somewhere, the phone was taken out of production in July of 2008. When Apple finally stopped producing the phone it had sold 6.1 million units according to most estimates. It doesn’t even run iOS, because it came out before Apple started calling it that.


The number of secondhand models will also have dropped sharply once Apple stopped production. Screen protectors and cases weren’t so popular back then and the phone itself wasn’t exactly durable. Of course, when supply drops, the price rises.

As we approach the phone’s 10-year anniversary next year, it’s only reasonable to expect that the eye-watering prices on eBay will only continue to increase. So if you’re out to make a few bucks, perhaps that $1,000 listing might not be such a bad decision after all.

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