Tune in and turn up

At long last, they have returned. After months and months and months of teasing, Gorillaz are back in the game. The world’s favorite animated band have just shared “Hallelujah Money,” their first new song in six years. And its arrival the day before a certain president takes power is certainly no coincidence.

The track prominently features Mercury-prize winning artist Benjamin Clementine, and its thematic content is inherently tied to the climate of fear surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration on the morrow. Clementine and Gorillaz appear amongst imagery that is both wholly American and truly terrifying (KKK anyone?). And if that weren’t implicit enough, lyrics like “Best way to protect our tree is by building walls” may jog your memory of a certain someone.

No word yet on when Gorillaz’ new album drops, but rest assured that it will be sometime very soon.

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