Where the runway meets the street

Whether extraterrestrial-fashionistas are extending their influence into the farthest corners of the universe on social media remains to be seen. But apparently, style is a universal language that extends far beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

In Moncler’s new fashion film, two space explorers discover that extraterrestrial fashion has come a long way since E.T., Star Wars and District 9. A silver alien foe (or friend?) battles with the earthlings in a scene not dissimilar to those witnessed in queues for the latest mega-hyped streetwear drops. However, rather than a money gun, the Glaglax inhabitant comes armed with his “style-swapper gun,” and shots, quite literally, are fired.

The short, Moonray, is a sneak peek of a collection launching on on June 22. Watch above and then check out more of the Moonray B movie via the link below.

Take a look at Moncler’s “Postcards” collection created with the help of Parisian artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme.

  • Director: Golgotha
  • Art Director: Régis Tosetti
  • Director of Photography: Nicolas Vazquez
  • Assistant of Camera: Cédric Autier
  • Post-Production: Golgotha
  • Video Production Manager: Aurore Forgeard
  • Video Production Director: Paul Karam
  • Set Design: Jean-Michel Bertin
  • Original Music & Sound Design: Victor Tricard
  • Stylist: Margaux Doiteau
  • Hair & Make Up: Loriane Leger
  • Body Painting Artist: Kate Mur
  • SFX Body Painting Artist: Laetitia Bech
  • Head of Production: Sébastein Peretto
  • Producer: Jean-Christophe Clement
  • Editor & Colorist: Antoine Ravache
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