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Following his interview with Kendrick Lamar, Dave Chappelle recently got together with NPR for a chat, ahead of his month-long residency at Radio City Music Hall. The conversation ultimately took place as part of a celebration surrounding the launch of NPR’s new podcast, What’s Good With Stretch And Bobbito.

While a portion of the talk centered around hip-hop, of which the legendary comedian has been a part of the community for decades, we then find Rawlings and Chappelle detailing coming up in the nation’s capitol, their favorite Chappelle’s Show skit, and what it’s like to perform at a venue as big as Radio City Music Hall.

“Something like this can’t happen unless a lot of very significant people put their egos aside,” Dave insisted. “Radio City is what they call a ‘vanity gig.’ It’s not the kind of show you’ll do to get rich, and it’s not easy real estate to get. These times in my career are priceless.”

In transitioning, they went on to discuss what it was like to perform on Saturday Night Live directly after the election.

“Lorne Michaels put a heavy pitch on me and I ended up doing it,” Chappelle revealed. “I was pretty sure that Trump was going to win. In hindsight, I think that Lorne knew that Trump was going to win because he was real adamant about doing the first slot after the election.”

For more as Chappelle delves deeper into Trump, press play below.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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