Cop It, Then Rock It

Luckily, we live in the 21st century where cash and coins are becoming increasingly becoming obsolete and eventually it’s going to render the unnecessarily huge wallet useless.

Think about it, the bulk of your everyday monetary transactions probably involve a contactless card or even your phone more often than you find yourself fumbling for loose change, right?

Yet, somehow too many of us are still hulking around enormous, battered wallets filled to the brim with mostly useless receipts, stray coins and business cards that we’ll never ever do anything with.

So, why not put your hefty wallet on a diet and invest in a sleek, slim cardholder that forces you to strip down to the essentials.

Not convinced just yet even though the card holder was one of the most seen products from Supreme and Louis Vuitton’s highly anticipated collabs?

Supreme x Louis Vuitton card holder. • Cop or pass? ?

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Well, here’s a selection of superbly stylish and quality cardholders from the likes of Kenzo and A.P.C., and these options all prove that editing down to the fundamental essentials is the most stylish move you can make.

J.CREW Leather Cardholder

Tiger of Sweden Lonka Card Holder

Il Bussetto Card Holder

Filson Leather Cardholder

Tanner Goods Journeyman Wallet

COMME des GARÇONS Flourescent Card Holder

Tumi Camden Card Case

KENZO Multi Eye Card Holder

A.P.C. André Cardholder

COACH NASA Card Holder

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Words by Kam Dhillon
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