Tyler, The Creator‘s new and fourth studio album Scum Fuck Flower Boy just dropped last month, and it was published in two covers, one by the musician himself, resembling a cassette tape player, and the other painted by American artist Eric White, showcasing a surreal portrait of Tyler surrounded by enlarged bees, orange skies and rolling hills.

London-based publication It’s Nice That recently sat down with the artist to talk about the collaboration and more.

It turns out that Eric White has designed artwork for other bands including Korn, Frank Zappa and Incubus back in the 90s. Erick admitted, “Over the years I’ve done a bunch of album covers but hadn’t done one in about 12 years as I’m focused on my personal work now.”

He added, “I’d been a fan of Tyler since the Odd Future days and I saw them play in New York in 2011. I’m always busy and usually behind on deadlines, but this seemed like a great opportunity that I didn’t want to pass up so I agreed to do it and I’m very glad I did.”

Read additional excerpts of the interview below:

On collaborating with Tyler on Scum Fuck Flower Boy, what was the brief? How closely did you work together?

“Yes, once his manager made the intro Tyler and I were in direct communication. We met in person initially to discuss his ideas for the project and he showed me some sketches he had done and a few photos he liked which evoked the mood he was going for. There was a lot of back and forth over text and on the phone for a few weeks, and when I had finished a pretty elaborate comp he came over to take a look. There was a little bit of fine-tuning after that, but once we got to a place where he was satisfied with it he left me alone until the painting was done. He’s still never seen the finished piece in person.”

And do you have plans to work together in the future?

“No plans to work together, but I was interviewed recently for the after show for his upcoming Viceland project, and they filmed me doing a bee paining tutorial that will be on Tyler’s app.”

For more, you can check out the interview at its entirety directly on It’s Nice That.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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