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Happiness lives in the realm of novelty. As a species, we’re addicted to discovering, exploring and creating the new. It’s what’s taken us from discoveries such as electricity and DNA to developing artificial intelligence, virtual reality, quantum computing, genetic engineering and a long list of other, once unthinkable ideas in a relatively short amount of time.

Unsurprisingly, things aren’t slowing down. So this September, Mercedes-Benz will host the first ever me Convention in collaboration with SXSW to tackle the biggest questions around human innovation and technology and where they’re leading us. The three-day convention will bring together some of the world’s greatest modern thinkers from the creative, design and technology industries to discuss the many ways we’re shaping the future.

No question is beyond asking, no topic too large.

Which new technologies will become part of our everyday lives? What does the world of tomorrow look like and who’s designing it? Where are the biggest opportunities for budding entrepreneurs or those interested in future industries and careers that don’t yet exist? How will we continue to hack our own biology to fast track the next stage of evolution?

The Mercedes me Convention takes place in Frankfurt, Germany and revolves around five topics: New Creation, New Leadership, New Realities, New Velocity and New Urbanism. Talks, seminars, workshops, interactive labs, art installations, and a unique program of evening events will focus on exploring these subjects and inspiring visitors to become part of the global force turning dreams of tomorrow into realities. The program’s events will feature experts from a diversity of backgrounds from rocket scientists to Buddhist monks, from AI pioneers to fashion icons.

American singer and songwriter Beth Ditto will also perform at the me Club (Velvet) as part of the She’s Mercedes initiative. She’s Mercedes invites women from around the world into an open dialogue at exclusive networking events addressing the individual mobility needs of women. Almost fifty percent of the speakers on the me Convention schedule are female, including musician Beatie Wolfe and Democratic strategist and political commentator Symone Sanders.

The me Convention takes place at the International Motor Show in the Festhalle Frankfurt from September 15 to 17. If you’re interested in shaping the future, visit for the full program, speaker list, after hours schedule, and ticket information.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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