Aside from Tyler, The Creator’s Nuts + Bolts program on VICELAND, the rapper just recently launched his newest show with Adult Swim titled, The Jellies, as it centers around a family of jellyfish and their adopted human son.

Written by Tyler and his creative partner and longtime friend Lionel Boyce, the two had a sit down with GQ and spoke about the project, as well discussing the emphasis on putting black characters on TV, their all-time favorite cartoons and more.

Here’s a few takeaways that we learned from the conversation.

…on how they feel having their own cartoon on Adult Swim.

Tyler: “It’s cool! People know us from Loiter Squad and our live-action things, but doing something where we’re not fully present in a physical way, people get to see how our brains work. I think that’s interesting in and of itself. We had a bunch of ideas for Loiter Squad that we couldn’t do physically, you know because we can’t blow buildings up and turn into a fucking axe if you want, but with a cartoon, our imagination gets to roam.”

LB: “On Loiter Squad it was just us being crazy, but with this, we’re relying on the writing. It shows we can do more than just fuck around with a skit.”

…on the process into making a cartoon, from the story to the characters to the music.

T: “Even that in itself is a challenge for my music side. It’s like, ‘Okay, I need to make a song that sounds like a mariachi band.’ That forces me to learn new chords, new cadences, and new pockets, just so I can make the music that fits in a 10- or 15-second scene.

It’s tight, ’cause we go in not knowing what the fuck we’re doing. We’ve never had a cartoon, we’re writing a real story arc over time. Worst comes to worst, it sucks, and we’ll still give 100 percent [on the next one].”

…on the choice of having a black lead character for The Jellies.

T: “Just the way we grew up, they do expect people of our skin tone to be a certain type of way. There’s a certain type that people see. Neither me nor Lionel were like that, so when we made the character, we were like, “Oh yeah, let’s make him black.” Then we started to notice that he wasn’t going to be like any other black cartoon character, where every five seconds you have to point out the fact that they’re black.”

…if a Jellies soundtrack will be coming out soon.

T: “Oh, of course! It’s so much music. It’s real scores too, like the intro is a real two-minute song, “Pop Yo Coochie” is like a real song. A lot of these things are real songs that do exist. One hundred percent you’re going to hear some more.”

…on their favorite cartoons.

T: “I love Family Guy, South Park is super cool. Clarence is my favorite cartoon right now. I always thought The Weekenders and Recess were super cool. Gumball is amazing. Adventure Time was cool.”

LB:Xavier: Renegade Angel was one of the craziest shows I have ever seen. I’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers, they have really good music in that show too.”

… on what sea animals they would like to be.

T: An octopus is kinda cool. They can probably play instruments like crazy. But I’d probably be a whale. They’re so big and peaceful, and who doesn’t like whales? They have cool voices.

LB: Damn, I never thought about being a sea animal! I don’t know. Fuck. Damn.

T: You were too busy watching dumbass Dragonball Z, you uncultured fuck.

LB: Oh wait, what’s the shark that LL Cool J turns into in that one video? I’d be that.

T: You are so fucking stupid, Lionel. Oh wait, can I be the Little Mermaid? Oh my god, I’m a mermaid.

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