Lushsux, the Australian street artist behind the viral murals of 50 Cent as other celebrities, has been physically attacked. The assault follows a recent post by the rapper in which he called for the artist to get an "ass whooping."

"The artist got [punched] in the [face] that wasn’t me i didn’t do that," 50 joked on Instagram. The artist claimed he had been attacked "because of this shit," refering to the rapper's post. He revealed that "6 or 7" people assaulted him at once and put him in the hospital this month.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Lushsux posted a screenshot of 50 Cent's comment on an artwork depicting him as Mike Tyson. 50 wrote that Lushsux "needs a ass whoopin bad, he still doing this shit." The artist also shared a photo where he appears to be on a hospital bed with a bloody pillow. In a lengthy caption, Lushsux revealed he had been assaulted.

Despite having to face such attacks as a result of his work, Lushsux said he won't stop painting. "It's tiresome, but it will not ever stop me doing what 99.8 percent of what everyone else seems to for the most part get a hearty chuckle out of."

50 Cent became wrapped up in the bizarre feud when the street artist began trolling the rap mogul with hilarious murals depicting the rapper as other celebrities. The anonymous artist, who has drawn comparisons to Banksy in Australia, reimagined 50 Cent as pop culture figures such as Post Malone, Donald Trump, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Oprah Winfrey.

Although 50 initially had a laugh about the inspired artwork and shared the murals on his Instagram, he finally had enough when a piece of a toothless 50 Cent and one as Taylor Swift surfaced last month. Sharing the image to his Instagram, 50 wrote: “This is some bullshit man, but how the hell is he doing it so fast [...] alright he’s talented, but why the fuck he pick me.”

The For Life producer dubbed the artwork "Swifty Cent," and sent out a warning to Lushsux. “Swifty cent i’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this shit," he wrote. It's unclear to whether Fiddy's warning motivated the attack on Lushsux.

Check out some other recent 50-centric murals below.

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