After testifying against two alleged members of the Nine Trey Bloods, 6ix9ine will forgo witness protection to restart his music career, TMZ reports.

News of the 23-year-old rapper's plans to reenter the music business arrives as he recently snitched on his old gang members as well as other celebrities in order to receive a shortened prison sentence. Prior to cooperating with prosecutors, 6ix9ine was facing a minimum sentence of 47 years behind bars.

Instead of entering witness protection, 6ix9ine will reportedly hire 24/7 security for himself and his family. Per TMZ, the rapper feels that he will be out of prison in 2020 to resume his music career.

For more on 6ix9ine's plans to opt out of witness protection, follow on over to TMZ. Also, you can learn all about his complicated legal drama here.

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