A24 has linked up with candlemaker Joya Studio for a collaborative candle collection that translates classic movie genres into scents.

Gone are traditional theater-associated smells like hot butter, worn velour seats, old candy, and failed attempts at Smell-O-Vision. Instead, we have genre-inspired candles named Horror, Musical, Western, Noir, Thriller, and Adventure, whose scents drift into our nostrils via ingredients like vanilla and patchouli.

Joya fragrance director Frederick Bouchardy explains that the company's process of developing movie-inspired scents started "as an intellectual one, and as the story takes shape, it becomes more of a sensuous exercise."

Boucardy adds, "There are things that carry through the whole collection: a couple different kinds of geranium, ambers and patchouli, and dank woody things. Even something like Musical, which is a classic fig construction, still has a subtle amber-cedar base to it. The candles have signature complementary elements.”

Each candle arrives in a thick glass vessel with a color and number labeling system carrying A24 branding.

Which movie genre scent are you most curious about? Let us know in the comments.

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