The weekend just got a whole lot better with the news that Aaliyah's music has finally been made available on streaming services.

The late R&B star's final Two LPs, One in a Million and Aaliyah, have been embroiled in a legal tangle for years and arrive amidst a backdrop of a battle to control her legacy. A deal was made to reissue the records ahead of the 20th anniversary of Aaliyah's death.

Aaliyah's estate shared a tweet on Twitter earlier this month that spoke of "individuals" that have "emerged from the shadows to leech off Aaliyah's work." Read it below.

Aaliyah's music was released on the platforms via a partnership with Blackground Records 2.0 and EMPIRE. Blackground Records 2.0 is the reboot of the original Blackground Records, which released a majority of Aaliyah's music. This was owned by the late singer's uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, who formed the label after he struggled to attract major label interest in Aaliyah. Hankerson is behind Blackground Records 2.0.

Listen to an Aaliyah Spotify playlist here.

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