Getty Images / Jonathan Bachman

Aaron Gordon released a diss track earlier this week aimed at Dwyane Wade, whose score during this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest cost Gordon the win — the second time that the Orlando Magic forward has been robbed.

The diss track is called “9 Out Of 10” and references how Wade’s decision to go against the consensus to force another round of dunks cost him a million dollars. On the Load Management podcast, Gordon revealed that the diss track was put in motion after Wade rescheduled his appearance on his “Wine Down” Instagram Live. “If I can’t come on a Live, at least I’m going to express myself to you,” said Gordon.

Gordon admits the diss track was all in good fun and he was just “venting” about what transpired at All Star Weekend. He also said he would welcome Wade stepping back in the booth to respond. “That’ll be good man. It’s all good, for the entertainment, it’s all for the sport,” he said.

Listen to Gordon’s diss track below and then scroll on for some reactions on social media.

Not everyone was impressed with the track

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