Brand: Absent x Fugazi

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: Fugazi’s website

Editor’s Notes: To characterize Trevor Gorji’s Fugazi as "popular" is borderline blasphemous. With lightning quick sell-out times and resale prices that fetch up to 700 times MSRP, Gorji is clearly doing something right.

In case you aren't aware, Gorji is the 22-year-old founder of Fugazi, a commendably self-reflective brand that critiques the nature of streetwear, the very stuff that Gorji deals in. His clothes, described as "elevated skate fashion," are hype-worthy yet refined, quietly eye-catching.

Designed in collaboration with Chicago streetwear brand Absent, Gorji's latest collection offers more of the designer's understated branding. Unlikely to stay in stock very long, the thoughtfully curated selection of jewelry, accessories, pants, shirts, and sweaters is evidence of Gorji's growth as a designer, from sneaker customizer to head-to-toe createur.

"I have the opportunity to prove I can design much more," Gorji tells Highsnobiety. "Every piece in the collection can be worn with any other piece from the same collection — it’s not supposed to be over the top...I really try to focus on the detail in every piece, so when you look at it you know we didn’t cut any corners."

The clothes speak for themselves — a cropped puffer quilted with a repeating anarchy-symbol print is outrageous yet clean; double-knee work pants with custom buttons are utilitarian yet luxe.

As for the future of Fugazi, Gorji's vision is ambitious: "I know what I want in the big picture, but it's very abstract. Having a retail store and multiple collabs out would be awesome. I want to maintain consistency, constantly improving every single drop."

Absent x Fugazi shows just how far Gorji's brand has come in a few years. Run, don't walk, because the drop won't last for long.

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