German sneaker retailer Afew, best known for its highly-collectible Diadora and ASICS collaborations, has a very enticing giveaway planned for all the Jordan ’heads out there. As announced on the store’s Instagram story today, Afew is giving away guaranteed access to any retro Jordan release during the entirety of next year.

The giveaway involves using and reposting an Instagram filter inspired by Spike Lee’s Mars Blackmon character, that Afew created specially for the giveaway. Head to Afew’s Instagram account to check out further details on how to sign up for the raffle.

The winner of the Afew giveaway will have the right to buy any retro Jordan release at retail in 2020, not having to campout or sign up for raffles. The “Jordan Flatrate” can’t be passed on and the winner has to specify a shoe size and address after winning.

With Nike dropping more and more retro Jordans (there were 60 Air Jordan 1 releases in 2018 and close to the same amount this year), this giveaway is shaping up to be a huge chance for Jordan fans to get their hands on some of next year’s most coveted releases.

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