apple products import tax raise airpods
Getty Images / Edward Berthelot

Some Apple products, including the Apple Watch and AirPods, could be about to get more expensive thanks to new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration, The Verge reports.

The tariffs, which kick in on September 1, will add a 10 percent import tax on tech lifestyle products including smartwatches, smart speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and fitness trackers. Other consumer electronics such as cellphones and laptops might also have new tariffs imposed, but this increase has reportedly been delayed until December.

It’s unconfirmed whether Apple, other tech companies, and suppliers will pass on the tariff increases to consumers or absorb the costs themselves. When a 10 percent import tax was levied on chargers earlier this year, Apple’s retail prices didn’t change.

The rises are a consequence of the United States’ ongoing trade war with China, which produces a large percentage of the world’s consumer electronics. Apple is reportedly now looking into moving its manufacturing out of the country in response to the increases. In a statement issued last year, Apple said, “It is difficult to see how tariffs that hurt US companies and US consumers will advance the government’s objectives with respect to China’s technology policies.”

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