Akira fans are getting a treat this weekend. Japanese video streaming site Abema is offering to stream the popular film for free alongside three other motion pictures by the anime creator and prolific manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo.

Widely considered to be Otomo's masterpiece, the animated film and cult classic has never been this accessible to fans. According to anime outlet Sora News 24, Akira will arrive on Abema on May 3.

Three other films from Otomo's catalog will also be made available over the coming weeks. 2004’s Steam Boy, the only other full-length theatrical anime feature entirely directed by Otomo, starts streaming on May 10. 2013’s Short Peace, a four-segment anthology film will be available on May 17 and finally, the 1995  Memories will begin streaming on May 24.

Catch Akira on May 3, and Otomo's other titles in the weeks to come on abema.tv.

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