Amazon is donating $1 million towards supporting vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 outbreak, Tech Crunch reports. The donation will be split between four Washington D.C. region community foundations providing food, housing, shelter, and emergency assistance for those in need.

The foundations in question are ACT for Alexandria, Arlington Community Foundation, Community Foundation or Northern Virginia, and the Greater Washington Community Foundation. All of these foundations work with those most affected by the outbreak, such as hourly workers, the homeless, and the elderly.

Amazon is also providing financial support to five food banks in the D.C. area.

While the donation itself may seem slim considering the company's vast wealth, it should be noted that it follows a string of other offerings including a $5 million donation to Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund in Seattle; $1 million to Seattle Foundation; two-month subsidized rent on Amazon-owned buildings; $25 million relief fund for independent Amazon Flex drivers; and $50,000 worth of supplies to temporary quarantine housing.

Amazon is one of the few businesses growing during the outbreak as self-isolated shoppers edge towards online shopping for household necessities usually bought in physical stores.

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