Apple just announced its second generation AirPods are available to order today, and naturally, they come with a bunch of upgrades.

Speculation earlier in the year was rife, including guesses that the new headphones would feature wireless charging, a less-slippery matte coating, a black color option, and an increased price tag.

As always, some rumors were on the money, and some not so much. The new AirPods have the option of a wireless charging case, hands-free "Hey Siri", and a new H1 chip. The new chip delivers "performance efficiencies" including faster times for switching between devices, better synchronization, and 50% more talk time. Siri is always listening now, for more hands-free convenience. The optional wireless charging case is Qi-compatible. Both the wireless and standard cases hold additional charges for over 24 hours of total listening time.

The headphones are $159 with a standard case (the same as the first generation) or $199 with the wireless charging case. You can also buy just the wireless charging case for $79 to use with first generation AirPods.

The new AirPods are available to order now from Apple for delivery from March 27, and will be available in-store next week.

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