Apple might be entering the burgeoning foldable smartphone market, Forbes reports. A new patent reveals the tech juggernaut is working on a folding iPhone.

The main issue with foldable phones is creasing and broken screens— problems that Apple hopes to eliminate altogether. The company aims to accomplish this by implementing a hinge mechanism that allows the middle of the screen to bow outward before folding over, ultimately minimizing stress. As the structural integrity is maintained, creasing shouldn't be an issue. By using this new hinge, it should also allow Apple to utilize glass for the display as opposed to plastic.

This isn't the first patent Apple has filed for a foldable phone design, however. Over the last year, the company has revealed plans for flexible control circuitry, a flexible chassis, and techniques to bend glass displays.

News of Apple's expected folding iPhone comes as competitors such as Samsung have already released their first foldable phone, and a third generation of folding Android phones is on the way for 2021.

While it is all but confirmed that a folding iPhone will not arrive in 2020, Apple will seemingly look to join the party soon thereafter. As always, be sure to check back with us for more.

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