apple mac book cheese grater

While Apple‘s latest Mac Pro might look a lot like a cheese grater, it turns out it’s not too great at actually grating cheese.

This discovery was made by YouTuber Winston Moy when embarking on a mission to recreate the Mac Pro’s intricate geometric pattern in order to gauge its grating abilities. First he created a 3D rendering and then machine-engineered the replica.

“It kind of works,” Moy says unenthusiastically as he slides a wedge of Pecorino Romano across the surface. “It’s shearing off large flakes of cheese but you really need to apply pressure to make it work.” He then goes on to try another grating technique to similarly mediocre effect.

“The performance of the Mac Pro as a cheese grater is unsurprisingly disappointing,” he concludes. “Despite the prodigiously perforated surface area present on the grille pattern, it really doesn’t do a good job of shaving material from flat surfaces.”

Watch Moy make the discovery — aka “the thing that’s on everyone’s mind but really doesn’t matter” — around the 5:30 mark in the video below.

News Editor