Back in March, Ariana Grande announced she was partnering with non-profit voter registration group HeadCount for her “Sweetener” tour. HeadCount has now revealed that with six months left, “they've registered twice as many voters during “Sweetener” as any other tour over the last three years.“

“Sweetener” is the most successful single artist tour HeadCount has seen since 2008. This was when Barack Obama was campaigning and Jack Johnson’s summer tour set the organization’s record. CNBC reports that HeadCount has signed up over 17,000 voters so far this year. This is more than any other year before a presidential election.

This kind of political engagement goes beyond this particular initiative. Rock the Vote's President and Executive Director Carolyn DeWitt told CNBC that they had “processed almost 60% more registrations this year than it did by this time in 2015, which holds the record for registrations for a year leading up to a presidential election,” and that she believes they will “shatter that record this year.”

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