Axel Arigato opened its first flagship store in London in October, and now, in another exciting first, the brand has launched a bag collection.

The collection consists of three styles crafted from Italian leather, giving them a premium look and feel. The brand covers all bases and caters to everyone's bag preference with a tote, briefcase and backpacks. Each style is currently available only in black; however, electric blue, navy blue, deep burgundy and stone beige versions are promised for the near future.

Just like the brand's ever-developing sneaker collections, the range will evolve with more styles and materials expected in the seasons ahead, as well as women’s bags. It's this consistency and the brand's absolute focus on sneaker design that has helped Axel Arigato grow so rapidly. It's no wonder then that its design philosophy has remained the same as it ventured into new territory.

The brand continues to design simple yet luxe silhouettes that focus on function with detailing kept to a minimum. All of this adds up to a timeless look unique to the brand. "I started by adding lots of details and exterior design features but always came back to refining what is already there,” described Max Svardh, Creative Director. "We kept the design aesthetic simple so that the bags could transition through a man or woman’s wardrobe. I believe the aesthetics are very much connected to the sneakers."

The collection is available exclusively at Axel Arigato's London store and now.

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Axel Arigato Flagship 19-23 Broadwick Street London W1F 0DF

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