Azealia Banks has returned to the world of music, this week releasing an all-new track titled "Nirvana." Banks shared the bilingual tune produced by Onyx and As.If Kid on her SoundCloud page after teasing the release on Instagram.

"This what I'm at home doing in between rants," she joked on her Instagram story while previewing the song. From there, she went on to announce her new Spanish artist name of "La Aracely" that she will seemingly use in all Latin territories, as well as her new Russian name. She added that she needs new names for China, Korea, and Japan.

"Nirvana" is Azealia's first bit of new music since Yung Rapunxel: Pt. II from September of 2019. She has yet to reveal if the song is part of an upcoming project or just a loose track.

Banks' new song arrives as she recently reported that her neighbor pulled a gun on her for playing loud music. Following the incident at her Southern California home, she stated that she plans to move back to New York and work on an album.

Press play below to listen to "Nirvana" by Azealia Banks.

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