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Balenciaga‘s Spring/Summer 2019 collection carries that most Demna Gvasalia of Demna Gvasalia design embellishments: an “I Love Techno” slogan on shirts, zip-up sweatshirts, and a $1,050 tote bag.

While the new season saw the Balenciaga creative director move away from irony-splashed items (DHL, IKEA bags, Crocs) and edge more toward power dressing, Gvasalia clearly couldn’t leave out the playful, logo-re-appropriation edges entirely. But Balenciaga’s techno shout-out hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

To its most devoted fans, techno is sacrosanct, so its deployment on costly Balenciaga garms is seen by some as tantamount to blasphemy. Others, meanwhile, came to Gvasalia’s defense, pointing out how his Georgian background is likely to have informed his appreciation of club culture.

Check out some of the responses below.

As Highsnobiety associate music editor Bianca Giulione points out, the font of the slogan bears a striking similarity to another, easily googleable “I Love Techno”: a music festival in Montpellier, France and DJ mix compilation series. If you’re into searching for techno music online, you might have come across the logo on unofficial uploads of techno mixes and tracks on YouTube.

Meanwhile, if you love both techno and Balenciaga, you can shop the items here.

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