The  2018 World Cup is here! As 32 teams continue to battle it out in the group stage, Ball Boyz Kyle Hodge and Ian Servantes have you covered on everything on and off the field. So far, the World Cup has become more or less a meme generator popping out consistent Twitter gold each game, so we had to give our thoughts.

On this episode of Ball Boyz, Kyle and Ian share their thoughts on Neymar's viral pasta-esque hairstyle Cristiano Ronaldo's questionable goatee, and more hilarious meme-filled moments. We also highlight all of the shade the Cleveland Cavaliers have received after getting swept in the NBA Finals, including the auctioning of J.R. Smith's jersey from the controversial Game 1. Can he live?

Watch the full episode in above.

After watching the latest episode of Ball Boyz,’ be sure to revisit our previous installment about their favorite World Cup kits below.


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