Sotheby’s recently held an auction featuring 25 works by Banksy, which sold for a total of $1.4 million despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The auction far exceeded the pre-sale estimation of approximately $834,000.

Leading the way was Banksy's infamous “Girl With Balloon,” of which one version sold for $465,444 and another for $131,875. Other standouts from the auction included "Love Rat," "Gangsta Rat," and “Di-Faced Tenners,” which features the late Princess Diana’s face on a £10 GBP note.

Interestingly, roughly 47 percent of those who participated in the auction were new art collectors, while nearly 30 percent of all those involved were under the age of 40, seemingly signaling a shift in the usual demographic.

With many industries taking a considerable hit due to the global coronavirus crisis, including the art world, such lofty sales, even for work by an artist of Banksy's caliber and reputation, is somewhat eye opening.

You can view each Banksy piece from the auction on

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