According to a new report by credit card company Barclaycard, almost one in ten U.K. shoppers reveal that they have bought clothes online to wear once, just to post it on social media like Instagram for likes, and subsequently returning their purchases.

Since Barclaycard monitors nearly half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions, this interesting reveal was conducted by surveying 2,002 adults, courtesy of Opinium, and surprisingly showed that shoppers aged 35-44 were the biggest percentage of any age group, with men outnumbering women.

Barclaycard's research points out that men are more "socially self-conscious," with twelve percent posting a clothing item on social media, and then returning it to the retailer, compared to only seven percent of women.

In addition, the company notes that the introduction of "try before you buy" policies at online retailers, which allows shoppers to order clothes online and only buy them if they decide to keep them, may be contributing to the trend.

Furthermore, the research has also revealed that men spend more on fashion items compared to women. Men’s spending on clothes and shoes totaled £114 or approx. $145 USD per person each month, equating to over £300 or about $381 USD more per person than women a year.

For more details, head on over to Barclaycard.

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