With yet another week behind us, we recapitulate on some rather interesting stories such as Balenciaga’s latest take on its coveted Speed Runner silhouette, our roundup up of 11 of the best fashion meme accounts out there, and plenty of news from the forthcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.

#10 commented on: Blue Ivy’s ‘4:44’ Freestyle Is Making the Internet Go Wild

Blue Saint West North West Ashad Khaled Baby Future XXL Freshman class 2020 lol.

<strong>Skinny Nick</strong>

#09 commented on: Balenciaga’s Woven Speed Trainer Is Fashion’s Next Obsession

Damn. They look like shoes made by female prison inmates in some crochet club.

<strong>Nicky Diego Garciá</strong>

#08 commented on: 11 Hilarious Fashion Meme Accounts to Follow on Instagram Right Now

@fuckjerry makes memes the way white people invented "boxer braids."

<strong>Jose Luis Castro Jr.</strong>

#07 commented on: Hermès Unveils the Perfect Travel Accessories for the Modern Man

Hip bag never has nor ever will look cool unless it has a hammer and nails in it.

<strong>Tom Connelly</strong>

#06 commented on: The Internet Is Losing It After Tyler, The Creator’s Album Leaked

He's not gay, he Just wants to boogie to some Marvin.

<strong>Ruben de Bruin</strong>

#05 commented on: This Balenciaga Sweatshirt Is A$AP Rocky’s New Fave & You Can Buy It Now

£395 is so affordable when it's more than I paid for my car.

<strong>Finn Devlin</strong>

#04 commented on: Conor McGregor Sends A “Fuck You” to Floyd Mayweather in His Suit’s Pinstripes

Floyd can’t read. Conor should be smarter lol.

<strong>Ramizes Dela Cruz Festejo</strong>

#03 commented on: The Golf Wang Store Just Got a Summer-Ready Restock

If you really look at it, it's not a shock that Tyler would come out as gay. He's always rocked pastels, huge jewelry fan, plus Golf is a sport where you play with sticks and balls all day. The math adds up there.

<strong>Germs Arellano</strong>

#02 commented on: Metro Boomin Reveals Fresh Boominati Worldwide Merch


<strong>Krzysztof Makarow</strong>

#01 commented on: KFC Just Dropped a Finger Lickin’ Good Apparel Collection

Why is no-one talking about the fact her head is backwards?

<strong>Joel Steele</strong>

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