The release of Beyoncé's new IVY PARK x adidas collaboration is imminent and the level of hype surrounding the drop is tangible. Yet while the primary focus appears to be on her reworking of classic adidas kicks, we're curious about another element included in the campaign imagery — the grillz.

The jeweler behind those sick golden grillz is Dolly Cohen, a Parisian designer that specializes in custom mouth jewelry. For the new campaign, she transformed the two brand logos — IVY PARK and adidas' Three Stripes — into delicate tooth-jewels. And if you think her name sounds familiar, it's because Cohen has been perfecting the art of mouth metal for years.

Firstly, she's worked with Bey before. She created looks for The Carters 2018 banger "APESHIT," which remains one of our favorite videos of that year, if not the last decade. She has also worked with JAY-Z on multiple delicate gold pieces, and counts Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Nicki Minaj, Riccardo Tisci, and A$AP Rocky as fans, too.

In fact, as Cohen told Vogue back in 2014, it was Rocky who discovered her. "A$AP was first," she said. "He knew a customer of mine in Paris. A friend. He spoke with Rocky, who saw the grillz in Paris, and called me."

Elsewhere in that interview, Cohen explains that each piece is made by her, by hand, and is completely custom. "I meet with every client first—it’s obligatory. I see their teeth, I give my ideas if somebody needs them, and I can do anything."

The pieces are made from "chromium chromate. It’s not precious but it’s perfect for the mouth. The mold is made out of alginate—it’s sterile, for doctors. I fit it on their teeth. And then I use 18K gold only—yellow, or white."

Not only is her work completely custom, but each piece is one-of-a-kind, too. "Once I create a piece, I never do it again. Anybody can ask for letters, like Cara, but for example, the AK-47 I did for Rihanna, that will be the only one."

Unfortunately that probably means that the IVY PARK collab grillz won't be for sale, but we have reached out to adidas for comment. Drop — or not — info to follow.

IVY Park x adidas arrives this weekend on January 18. Find out more here.

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