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There may be no better litmus test for the success of a fashion designer’s latest collection than Instagram. Long after the lights at shows are switched off and runway sets are disassembled, the real barometer for how well an audience connects to the collection directly corresponds to how often we see the clothes and accessories sneak into our social media feed.

Judging by this barometer, there’s almost no better case study for explosive success than the debut collection of Bottega Veneta’s new Creative Director, Daniel Lee. From the moment the first model walked down the runway at his Fall 2019 debut show, Bottega Veneta’s bold new era has caught the attention (and wallets) of the industry. Blending the brand’s iconic Intrecciato leather weaving with modern silhouettes and a line of bags and shoes that’ve become instant sell-outs, Bottega Veneta has become one of the most visible brands on the ‘gram — and not just because of the 124K-strong @NewBottega fan account.

While we took a break from another hours-long zombie scroll through our feed and turned to the fashion crowd’s stream of outfit selfies and sneaker shots, we linked up with four of the biggest fans of Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2019 collection to talk about why Daniel Lee’s debut line has become their latest obsession.

Mikko Puttonen

It makes me excited when I see a brand making bold menswear pieces that are timeless but still very unique and modern. That’s exactly what [the] new Bottega Veneta is for me. I’m slightly obsessed with the AW19 collection and my favorites are the long wool coats, high knee boots with chunky soles, and sweaters with cut out details. There are many classic elements but when you look into the details, there is always something extraordinary that stands out.


Tiffany Hsu

The minimal silhouette with a maximal amount of details and craftsmanship is amazing. I like all the piqué knits with open necklines paired with the Intrecciato leather pieces. However, my current most worn item is my military boots.


Teo Van Den Broeke

Daniel Lee not only has an uncanny ability to manufacture "cool" but he also understands how to create garments that people really want to wear. Get up close and personal with the clothes themselves and it's easy to see that that desirability — that vaporous x-factor that dissipates once a fashion show is over — has been imbued directly into the pieces like oxygen into a lung.


Tina Leung

The new Bottega Veneta is fresh [and] intellectual; an androgynous type of sexy. All while retaining its roots in its heritage of beautiful craftsmanship.


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