Bottega Veneta's Wardrobe 02 footwear lineup is evidence of the luxury label's ongoing emphasis on exaggerated accessories. Sure, the understated apparel is key to shaping Bottega's minimalist ethos, but its aura of ambitious excellence is brought to life primarily by those covetable bags and — above all — its inimitable shoe selection. Here, Bottega's signature Puddle Boots are heavily reworked and nutty new footwear styles are ideated to realize truly aspirational appeal.

It seems foolish to start on anything except the Quilt Rollers, wacky roller skates that imbue a cobalt-hued edition of Bottega's new Quilt sneaker with matching wheels and stopper for the fanciest sports shoe since Saint Laurent's own sneaker skates. Perhaps there's something to be said about Kering-owned brands dishing out plush roller skates.

Then, there are the Flash series shoes, which started life as tall Chelsea-style boots and now exist as sneakers, clogs, and knee-high shoes in a variety of Day-Glo colors. Speaking of boots, Bottega's Puddle series is shapeshifting from its familiar single-tone ankle-high style into ultra-tall wellies and the intimidating lace-up Puddle Bomber. The Puddle Boot will also be available in its classic shape, of course, with some new sparkly gold and silver makeups that are anything but understated.

Finally, alongside various slippers and sandals, Bottega is debuting the Resort Teddy, its coziest slide to date. Offered in the evocative "Parakeet" color, these opulent slides are covered in ultra-soft lambskin shearling that doesn't really make sense in the real world (except as lavish house shoes, perhaps,) but meshes with Bottega's vision of next-level luxury.

All of the new shoes launch on Bottega Veneta's website and stores later this year. Most are available for pre-order and are expected to ship by September 18.

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