BROCKHAMPTON just dropped a new remix of their 2019 hit “SUGAR” with a little help from Dua Lipa, Jon B, and Ryan Beatty, who also featured on the OG version. The original track is off their fifth studio album GINGER, and the remix arrives with a new video, too.

While the new track keeps the original's cool, chill, and I-wanna-cuddle vibe, the group adds a few upgrades on the new remix. Apart from the above-mentioned guest artists, the remix opens with the melody from Usher's “Nice & Slow.”

The new video for the remix is way less-crazy than its predecessor, which involved some aliens, gore, and sex scenes. The video runs for almost four minutes and features band member Matt Champion sitting on a basketball backboard hoop, looking pretty confused and probably wondering how he got there.

Watch the video and listen to the new remix below.

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