Burger King has announced a new meal deal. It contains one cheeseburger, 10 chicken nuggets, one medium fries, and a medium soft drink, all for $2 — a price that is so unfathomably low that it's making us, alongside basically everyone on Twitter, ask just what in the name of hot hell goes into this "food."

While it's a fair point that this much "meat" coming in at such a low cost is a welcome gift during a pandemic that has resulted in job loss for millions ... but still, we want answers. How can all that food cost $2? Unless, shock horror, it's full of off-the-menu crap and boasts little to no nutritional value. (Lol jk, most fast food offers that.)

The more you question it, the more stomach-churning the thought gets, and Twitter agrees. Find a fraction of reactions to the news below.


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