Art prints aka the classy man's posters are the easiest and nicest way of sprucing up your walls. You're too old to be fucking with a tattered-paper-band-merch poster now, and if you really have to, do us a favor and frame that shit. The next step in your progression through life is choosing art that can become a permanent fixture on your wall. We're not talking about hitting up Damien Hirst for his next formaldehyde preserved animal - that's not gonna work hanging from your wall anyway - but try going for something that's a bit more interesting to look. JUST DON'T FORGET THE FRAME.

Playtype In Love With Typography III B4

Everybody loves typography. There are whole websites dedicated purely to typeface; you're even looking at some right now. Put a bit on your wall with this Playtype print available now from Voo Berlin.

Monocle The Perfect House Print

If you can't have the perfect house you can always get this one to put up on your wall. You can always rely on taste and sophistication from the guys over at Monocle, and that's exactly the vibe you'll give with this print. Buy it now from The Goodhood Store.

David S.Blanco LA Part 1

Dreamy scenes of LA make us all wistful and longing for a holiday. Photographs are sometimes a bit too real, and nobody needs to see Los Angeles's grimy underbelly. But this graphic print from David S.Blanco will bring just the right kind of sunshine into your home. Get it online here.

Andy Rementer City Screenprint

USA-born, London-educated Andy Rementer divides his time between drawing, cartooning, painting and animating. This City print gives a good taste of his range of skills. You can pick it up here.

Anthony Burrill - Mesa & Cadeira Belong To Where You Are

It's a fine line between a cheesy slogan and a nice mantra, and I think this one kinda falls into the latter category. Either way, it's got typography and everyone loves typography. It's printed on 100% recycled paper and you can buy it here.

Ted's Draws I'm Not That Guy

Ted's Draws features some of our best-loved and most well-known faces from pop culture over the past few decades. Featuring Prince, Sade, R. Kelly and more, it's hard to pick a favorite but if we had to, this Larry David one would be it. Buy one here.

Danielle-Louise Watt

Danielle-Louise Watt is a multidisciplinary illustrator and printmaker. This two-layer screen print is an edition of 20. That makes it 20 times more special and 20 times closer to owning an exclusive piece of art. You can get one at Peckham Print Studio.

IT'S OK Affirmation Banner

Okay so not technically a print, but it essentially does the same thing and the flag/banner shape will look pretty damn cool hanging from your wall. It's handmade from a flour sack so you'll get that rustic look down to a tee. Cop one from Etsy.

Alex Trochut Go For It

There's something real seventies-sleazy-funk about this print - which we like. It's by Barcelona-born illustrative designer Alex Trochut who clearly excels at bold designs. If you dig it, you can grab one from his website.

Suzanne Allewelt Indian Summer Prints

Suzanne Allewelt focuses on visual arts like pure beauty, nature and wonder. Something she's summed up well in this print: a collage of fallen leaves. Purchase one from her online store here.

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