September heralds the beginning of Sweatshirt weather for many. The ultimate comfortable cloth, the sweat is the nearest many of us will get to wearing our P.E kits all over again. Here we seek out some of our favourites, difficult to narrow down and even more difficult to avoid a Japanese takeover, click through our favourite seven including the likes of Pure Blue Japan, Buzz Ricksons, Loopwheeler and Kapital.

Buzz Ricksons - 4 Needle Plain Sweatshirt

Buzz Rickson makes some of the best sweatshirts out there, tough yet soft and warm, the 4-Needle loom creates a 'tube construction' basically meaning this one will hold its shape for years.

Mister Freedom - Union Fleece Sweater

A different route from Mr Freedom, this Henley style sweat takes old world thermals as inspiration. Heavy fleece with a chambray placket, reinforced throughout.

Loopwheeler for Nexus VII

Some melange action from Sweatshirt experts Loopwheeler with this special for Nexus VII. That tagged on hoodie reminiscent of vintage styles.

Kapital - Heavy Jersey PW Pullover

A stencilled PW sweatshirt from Kapital, huge chest pockets and whilst pre-fading can go so wrong, Kapital have it down to a fine art.

Studio D'Artisan - Loopwheel Sweat

Better know for their denim, Studio D'Artisan can also turn their hand to softer matters, this cushion-like cloud of a sweatshirt in oatmeal a simple take on the v-stitch.

Pure Blue - Indigo Dyed Hoodie

Pure Blue produce this waffle textured hoodie with its two way zip, a perfect shade of blue ready to fade beautifully.

The Real McCoys - AFA Military Sweatshirt

You're in the army now. Or at least you can pretend you are with this 9oz academy sweatshirt. Yellow meets red, thick ribbed cuffs and hem, original lettering, now just drop and give us 20.

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