V1 Gallery/ Cali Thornhill Dewitt
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V1 Gallery/ Cali Thornhill Dewitt
V1 Gallery/ Cali Thornhill Dewitt
V1 Gallery/ Cali Thornhill Dewitt

Artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt‘s assemblages have been described as “like a razor-sharp obituary for the American dream.” Working in the tradition of Mike Kelly and Barbara Kruger, his commentary on the state of American culture is piercing; from The Life of Pablo merchandise to his Anna Nicole Smith commemorative capsule with GUESS, his works reflect the carnage of fame and fortune.

For his “WAR SONG” exhibition, which opens today in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dewitt has panned out somewhat, looking at the entire planet. The spectacular images of the Earth are accompanied by text such as “MUTILATED LANDSCAPE” and “BEASTS CREEPS MEN GHOULS VAMPIRES WOMEN GHOSTS.” DeWitt’s words are weaponized, acting as a warning sign to potential extraterrestrial visitors. Click through the install images below.

The body of work exhibited in “WAR SONG” speaks to the dilemma that humanity has found itself in, as we continue to negatively impact the planet with unprecedented acceleration.

DeWitt has chosen a familiar perspective, as an image of the earth from space, which is linked to the Space Race and a specific era of American hopefulness. Yet in “WAR SONG” this iconic image no longer inspires hope, but a creeping fear.

Exhibition period: April 6 – April 27, 2019
V1 Gallery
Flæsketorvet 69, 1711 Copenhagen, Denmark

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