One of our favorite cities to survey for street style is New York City. I’s a melting pot of distinct aesthetics and cultures that gets filtered through the zeitgeist of the time and yet somehow always reads New York City.

That’s why we were excited to hit the ground with Canada Goose’s Spring 2019 collection with some of New York City’s connoisseurs of street style: Elyanna Banes Sanchez, Lentini Eersteling, and Doug Joseph. It’s a brand that’s no stranger to the Big Apple – it’s a winter outerwear staple among New Yorkers and it’s not uncommon to find lines formed outside of its SoHo store on any given day.

For Spring 2019, outerwear lightens up, literally and figuratively. The collection includes softer, brighter colors as well as a camo print that’s very NYC and very now. And mixed in with the core collection are pieces from Nomad, Canada Goose’s first-ever capsule collection engineered with the legendary performance of GORE-TEX fabric. Scroll down for a closer look.

What does street style look like in NYC these days?

Doug Joseph (DJ): NYC streetwear is extremely diverse. I think you’re seeing more casual sportswear than ever, as well as plenty of military pieces.

Elyanna wears the Seabord Jacket.

Elyanna Banes Sanchez (EBS): Street style is constantly transforming. I see a lot of baggy, oversize styles, which I love with chains and bright accessories and mixing of moods like neon and grunge. I see a lot of ’90s style coming back paired with sneakers or chunky shoes. Women dressing like tomboys, men wearing pink with green stripes – it’s great.

What makes NYC’s street style unique?

Lentini Eersteling (LE): It’s unique because there are so many different influences from different countries and cultures in one city.

Canada Goose gore-tex street styles
Highsnobiety / Gogy

Lentini wears the Field Poncho.

Canada Goose gore-tex street styles
Highsnobiety / Gogy

Elyanna wears the Cornelia Pullover.

“The one thing that’s great about NYC street style is that you can be yourself and dress however you want. The way you dress is your statement. I love how everything is gender inclusive and how trends come and go, how nothing really sticks but ideas still linger and float around, if that makes sense. I see personal style as my art.”

Elyanna Banes Sanchez

Doug wears the Nomad Jacket (far left). Lentini wears the Nomad HyBridge Lite Jacket (center) and the Photojournalist Jacket (far right).

Describe your personal style.

DJ: I think my personal style is quite simple and relaxed. My go-to outfit is black jeans and a white tee – throw on some chucks and Bob’s your uncle.

LE: It depends on my mood and how I feel at the moment. I love high fashion as well as really simple and casual or super sporty.

EBS: Big and baggy! There’s nothing I feel more comfortable in. The best way to describe my style is a mix of Kim Possible, Lara Croft, and an astronaut – very futuristic and oversize.

Canada Goose gore-tex street styles
Highsnobiety / Gogy

Elyanna wears the Cabri Hoody.

How does Canada Goose complement your personal style?

EBS: One thing I love about NYC is the weather. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I love the colder [spring days]. I love my layers, and I love Canada Goose because I can style it with my outfits. I have so many baggy, oversize jackets and I love layering jackets together.

“I’m from the Netherlands and Canada Goose is very popular there, so I have been wearing their winter coats for years. It is super-good quality and it keeps me warm.”

Lentini Eersteling

What are your thoughts on the Canada Goose Spring collection? What’s your favorite piece?

LE: The jackets have a really good fit and my favorite is the one with orange camo [the Nanaimo Jacket]. It is really an eye catcher.

Canada Goose gore-tex street styles
Highsnobiety / Gogy

Doug wears the Nanaimo Jacket.

DJ: The collection is modern and fresh. My favorite piece is the Photojournalist Jacket – it’d look good with almost anything in my wardrobe.

EBS: I love the Cabri Hoody. When I get jackets, hoodies, or any top, I always get two or three sizes up. I definitely love unique, bright statement outerwear.

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Sachin Bhola is a New York City-based editor and writer.