Two of the most iconic scents collide in the latest release from MSCHF. Today, the company launched a new perfume from none other than Chanel and Axe, combing the "most treasured brand in luxury fragrance" and the "most reviled scent in locker rooms everywhere," MSCHF said on the product's dedicated website.

In case you haven't caught on, the Chanel x Axe "collaboration" is simply the latest gag from MSCHF, a company well known for its viral releases. Here, they've taken the infamous Axe Body Spray and poured it into the iconic Chanel No. 5 bottle, thus revealing a bright green, coolant-colored, liquid perfume.

So why take two seemingly polar opposite fragrances and bring them together for a cheeky collab? As MSCHF points out, certain smells are ubiquitous with American culture, and for better or worse, Axe Body Spray is one of them.

"'Iconic' is in no way synonymous with 'good,' and in the fragrance world Axe deserves the label as much as Chanel," MSCHF stated. "At the end of the day, where icons are concerned, there is no good or bad; There is merely visible and invisible."

For many of us, Axe Body Spray brings back memories of high school gym class or the smell of a friend's car who is always late to the function. Conversely, when we think about Chanel No. 5, it generally conjures up images of that signature bottle alongside Brad Pitt and other A-list celebrities. Both are undeniably nostalgic, one more than the other depending on who you are.

If the nostalgia has taken hold of you upon getting wind of the Chanel x Axe collaboration, you'll have to hit the resale market to land the perfume, as it sold out in roughly 20 minutes after being released this morning. In the future, you should stay tuned in to MSCHF via their app for similar drops, which come on the second and fourth Monday of each month.

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