christian rich dripping summers little dragon vic mensa
Christian Rich / Max Stürmer

Christian Rich are back in action. Everyone’s favorite brother-production duo have returned with “Dripping Summers,” a stacked collaboration with Swedish indie-pop band Little Dragon and rapper Vic Mensa. Listen to it below, or buy it on iTunes here.

Christian Rich are usually pretty busy, but this year in particular has been bountiful for their work output. Earlier this summer, they notably linked up with Jaden Smith on “GHOST,” a track that they received a guest credit for despite keeping their contributions behind the booth (if you haven’t already, revisit our profile on Christian Rich right here to hear them elaborate on this decision). Revisit “GHOST” below and stay tuned for more from these two.

In other music news, Bas has dropped a new single with J. Cole. Give “Tribe” a listen right here.

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