Chrome Hearts

Brand: Chrome Hearts

Season: FW20

Key Pieces: As each item here is an exercise in excess, perhaps go for the most outrageous: the silver thumbtack?

Release Date: Available Now

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Editor’s Notes: Chrome Hearts has followed up on its $1,000 plunger (sold out, before you ask!) with a series of bizarre miscellaneous items, very few of which are what they appear.

To clarify, that's not a table tennis paddle in slide #5, it's a double inlay handheld mirror, and that's not a gravy boat in slide #10, it's a single lemon slice squeezer, and if you thought it was a My Little Pony cosplay headset in slide #4, you should know it's actually a shearling dinosaur keyring.

Elsewhere, there's a travel neck roll, 22k gold salt and pepper shakers, a set of 22k gold pencil sharpeners, a new spin on the Rubik's cube, and a golden metallic pillow in the shape of the Chrome Hearts insignia.

Take a look at this year's typically odd festive offering in the gallery above.

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